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Have We Forgotten How to Entertain Ourselves…Without Substances?


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Bella Rose Pope

I read a headline talking about how alcohol sales have increased significantly, almost in line with the prohibition when Covid first hit hard and lock down started to feel like a prison.

Obviously that might not be completely accurate, I didn’t fact check the headline, but simply kept scrolling while that reality festered in my mind until I was falling asleep last night.

I had a thought about it…

How sad is it that humans want to alter their state of mind? How when we’re sad or bored, we turn to put our brains in another state of mind, a lesser-than state of mind. I do it too, all the time. Marijuana is my favorite thing ever lol (though it also helps significantly with my anxiety, so that’s a huge benefit).

But the altered state makes things more fun, more entertaining, and forces my mind to do..less work.

How different would humanity be if instead of turning to substances, we turn to creating?

Have we forgotten how?

When I learn about the past—and I’m talking way far back—I’m always envious of their way of life. I think that’s why I always write fiction in a time period with no electricity or very little advanced technology. I want to immerse myself in that type of lifestyle because it’s so different from our own (let’s just skirt past the fact that they drank a lot back in those days..lol).

In a way, it feels far more peaceful.

And I’m aware humans have been altering their state of mind for basically ever. Still…it feels like more and more, we’re turning toward being entertained instead of entertaining ourselves.

I’m a bit nervous to see what the world looks like in 50 years if it keeps going at this rate.

But for me, for now, I’ll just keep creating what I can.

So I won’t forget.

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