You're just...ready. For what? You're not sure yet, but you want it.

You're frustrated and angry more than anything.

You give give give, and have nothing left over for yourself.

Life has and still does feel unfair, like you just can't get a break.

You feel capable of so much more than you are right now.

The fun-crushing realities that make living your life..exhausting.

These Sound Familiar?

You may not want to hear it, but you probably need to realize it. Nobody else can make a change except for you...but you first have to know exactly HOW you're contributing to maintaining the life you're currently unhappy with. Thankfully, I can help.

Because I've been there, done that, fixed it.

I'm here to deliver the sometimes brutally-honest truth about how you get in your own way...

life can suck...but it doesn't have to.

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I'm Bella, a forever-learning, create-your-own-life touting, cheese enthusiast & I didn't have a single say in what my life was when I was a kid. Neither did you, unless you were some super-genius who could boss your parents around. But one day, many moons ago (ha!), I decided exactly what I wanted out of life...and have created just that.

Because our lives are created, not just given to us without our say. Want to have a say in what your life looks like—what you get to experience every day?

Then stick around because that's kind of my whole thing.

Hi there! I'm Bella, your new brutally honest (with love) friend

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