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can you really know someone by the few things they choose to tell you? my favorite color and food (cheese, always) says nothing about me. not really. not the good juicy stuff.
no...that goodness is saved specifically for barely-thought-out inner musings i just so happen to capture on paper...virtual paper.

So just read some of these and you'll know me better than...anyone who hasn't.

We literally are who we are, and yet we seem to like others a hell of a lot more than we like ourself—which actually sucks, if you think about it.

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pay attention

So quickly nowadays. Information moves faster, we move faster, sometimes not even peeking up from under the visor of our everyday routine, shrouding us in more of the same.

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how to believe in yourself

So many self-proclaimed “experts” have touted this advice as the holy grail when it comes to any achievement in life—namely, theirs.

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self development growing pains

And when we start trying, when we actually put forth some effort toward changing our ordinaries and making something out of our lives…

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how to know if you're successful

Everyone wants to figure out how to know if you’re successful because we base so much of your self-worth on it but the thing is, it’s kind of inconsequential.

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be a real adult

The fact of the matter is that school doesn’t prepare you for real adult life. And in the case of most of us, our parents don’t either.

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responsilibity to influence

If it impacts people, just being myself no matter how I perceive myself to be, then that’s a benefit to them.

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entertain ourselves

Still…it feels like more and more, we’re turning toward being entertained instead of entertaining ourselves.

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don't have to do just one thing forever

It shouldn’t be so surprising—the idea that we can pursue multiple paths when we feel called to it shouldn’t be this big revelation.

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do you have to go to college

Is college something you should, without a doubt, do? Fuck. No. And here are other, viable options.

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do what you want

We’ve been taught to do what will make us money. That’s a load of shit. Find what you love first, and where’s why.

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