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I find some things about growing up in this life so…odd. For one, most of us end up spending so much time as we get older trying to simply…like ourselves. Shouldn’t that be a given? We literally are who we are, and yet we seem to like others a hell of a lot more than […]

How We Learn to Not Like Ourselves

Extraordinary Life

Life moves at such an interesting pace. So quickly nowadays. Information moves faster, we move faster, sometimes not even peeking up from under the visor of our everyday routine, shrouding us in more of the same. And we wonder why we aren’t happy. I went to get groceries today. I went down the same aisles, […]

What if we looked up more often in life? The Art Of Paying Attention

pay attention

Next time you look in the mirror, consider that your features are a collection of all your ancestors. Traits have been handed down from generation to generation, skipping around playfully in recessive alleles, or sometimes drawing a straight line of dominance from origin to what you see reflected back to you. Your genetics tell a […]

The Intentional Nurturing of Self: Continuing the Nature VS Nurture Debate

nature vs nuture

So many self-proclaimed “experts” have touted this advice as the holy grail when it comes to any achievement in life—namely, theirs. “Just believe in yourself,” they say, like it’s as simple as just washing your hands, or changing a shirt. What they don’t tell you is that this very thing is more like changing your […]

“Just Believe in Yourself!” BUT HOW!? Methods That Actually Work

how to believe in yourself

When we think of self-development and personal growth, we often think about people who teach it and what their lives look like now… The Tony Robbins and Brene Browns of the world, preaching their findings to wanting ears. These people who have millions of dollars, a family life to envy. People who are really living […]

Self-Development Growing Pains: The 1 Thing Nobody Tells You About

self development growing pains

Success is such an interesting concept. Everyone wants to figure out how to know if you’re successful because we base so much of your self-worth on it but the thing is, it’s kind of inconsequential, isn’t it? I’ve been doing a ton of thinking about how to know if you’re successful lately and what really […]

How to be Successful & Know When You’ve Made it

how to know if you're successful

I know. What the hell is a real adult? To be real with you, this title is a bit clickbait. Because the concept of a “real adult” is a bit bullshit. If you’re an adult, you’re an adult. I guess what I want you to get out of this post is how to get your […]

How to get your life together and be a real adult: the untold truth

be a real adult

Who’s responsibility is it to change the mindset of your family? On that: is it a “responsibility” or a privilege? I mentioned earlier to a friend how difficult it is to be around my family sometimes. The conversation went a little something like… Him: “You’re such an optimist” Me: “It’s a learned habit, 5 years […]

Responsibility VS Privilege When it Comes to Positive Influence

responsilibity to influence

I read a headline talking about how alcohol sales have increased significantly, almost in line with the prohibition when Covid first hit hard and lock down started to feel like a prison. Obviously that might not be completely accurate, I didn’t fact check the headline, but simply kept scrolling while that reality festered in my […]

Have We Forgotten How to Entertain Ourselves…Without Substances?

entertain ourselves

Ooph! If there was one thing I could change about my upbringing, over the traumas, the hardships, is the fact that nobody ever told me, “Hey Bella, it’s totally okay to pursue several different careers and hobbies and paths in life.” Because you can. And you don’t have to pick one thing. And you don’t […]

You Don’t Have to do Just One Thing for Your Entire Life

don't have to do just one thing forever

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