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Work Life

We literally are who we are, and yet we seem to like others a hell of a lot more than we like ourself—which actually sucks, if you think about it.

How We’re Taught to Not Like Ourselves by Those Closest to Us

Extraordinary Life

So quickly nowadays. Information moves faster, we move faster, sometimes not even peeking up from under the visor of our everyday routine, shrouding us in more of the same.

What if we looked up more often in life? The Art Of Paying Attention

pay attention

Next time you look in the mirror, consider that your features are a collection of all your ancestors. Traits have been handed down from generation to generation, skipping around playfully in recessive alleles, or sometimes drawing a straight line of dominance from origin to what you see reflected back to you. Your genetics tell a […]

The Intentional Nurturing of Self: Continuing the Nature VS Nurture Debate

nature vs nuture

So many self-proclaimed “experts” have touted this advice as the holy grail when it comes to any achievement in life—namely, theirs.

“Just Believe in Yourself!” BUT HOW!? Methods That Actually Work

how to believe in yourself

And when we start trying, when we actually put forth some effort toward changing our ordinaries and making something out of our lives…

Self-Development Growing Pains: The 1 Thing Nobody Tells You About

self development growing pains

Everyone wants to figure out how to know if you’re successful because we base so much of your self-worth on it but the thing is, it’s kind of inconsequential.

How to be Successful & Know When You’ve Made it

how to know if you're successful

The fact of the matter is that school doesn’t prepare you for real adult life. And in the case of most of us, our parents don’t either.

How to get your life together and be a real adult: the untold truth

be a real adult

If it impacts people, just being myself no matter how I perceive myself to be, then that’s a benefit to them.

Responsibility VS Privilege When it Comes to Positive Influence

responsilibity to influence

Still…it feels like more and more, we’re turning toward being entertained instead of entertaining ourselves.

Have We Forgotten How to Entertain Ourselves…Without Substances?

entertain ourselves

It shouldn’t be so surprising—the idea that we can pursue multiple paths when we feel called to it shouldn’t be this big revelation.

You Don’t Have to do Just One Thing for Your Entire Life (This Generation’s Lie)

don't have to do just one thing forever

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