And yes, the writing process will get tough. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows. Here’s how to stay inspired even during the hard times.

Writing can be a real bitch. And I say that as someone who really, really loves to write. It’s a pain in the ass some days. As much as I love it and as much as I’m passionate about it, there are days when it gets difficult.

But the painful part of writing isn’t really the writing, is it?

Well, to me it’s not, anyway. I don’t think many people realize just how much work goes into writing a book. Sure, there’s the writing part, but there’s also:

  • Researching – a LOT of it
  • Planning the whole thing
  • Outlining (which can take a WHILE)
  • Editing
  • Beta reviews
  • More editing
  • Clawing your eyes out
  • More editing

I think you get the idea. Writing a book is a lot more than just the writing and although those things are all very necessary and essential, they’re annoying. And you might lose some inspiration and motivation along the way.

But let’s talk about inspiration quick, shall we?

Inspiration is kind of a load of bullshit and I’ll tell you why. It’s great when you have it, but it’s not reliable. It will never be with you every single day. Therefore, when you depend on it to get your book written, you’re just fucking yourself over.

That being said, you may still have to give yourself a kick in the ass when it comes to sitting down and getting your book done. Here’s how I personally do just that:

1. I read over my outline

It’s easy to lose that motivation when you’re progressing so slowly. But the process of writing is not a fast one. However, if I just read through my outline as a whole, it really helps me see the story in full. And for obvious reasons, that’s exciting as fuck.

It helps me envision the book completed and the only way I can actually see that in real life is if I sit down and work on it. Basically, scanning through my outline gets me pumped for future scenes and I want to get to them faster, so I write.

2. I stay active in the writing community

It’s surprisingly very motivating to talk to other writers who are working really hard to get their books written. It’s contagious. The more you talk to someone who’s really inspired and motivated, the more you’ll want to sit down and work on your own book.

So stay active in the writing community and you’ll want to get back to your WIP no matter how you were feeling about it earlier.

3. I read

It might seem a bit weird that reading makes me want to write but I also feel like this is very common. Reading gets me PUMPED to write. I see the way someone else has brought these characters to life and it just makes me want to do the same with mine. Obviously, I don’t spend too long reading. I don’t want to use up all my free writing time reading someone else’s work instead of working on my own. But reading is still important for the writing process.

4. I talk about my story

No matter how I’m feeling about writing, I always want to talk about my story. I could honestly talk about it all day. And the more I blab on and on about my amazing characters, the more I end up talking about future events in my story.

And the more I talk about what’s going to happen, the more I just want to get there already. This always makes me want to sit down and pump out the words and get the story told.

5. I share bits of my writing

This might be another odd one and I haven’t shared much of my writing lately, but that’s because I haven’t done much of it since I spend a couple months outlining my WIP. But now that’s it’s started, I’ll definitely be sharing more and more of it. More specifically, I’ll be doing weekly WIP updates every single Monday with excerpts so everyone can get a little peek into my world.

And it gets me jacked to keep going. When my words are out there and I see the response, I just get excited. People love little bits of it and it makes me really happy that my work has paid off. It makes me want to deliver something even better than those little snippets, and so I get right back to writing.


The point is, writing isn’t always fun and it’s definitely not always easy. Finding ways that help motivate you and get in the mood to write will help you get your book done a little bit faster.

What are some ways you like to get inspired and motivated to write, even on your worst days?



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  1. Once I commit to a story it is up to me not to let the characters down. I imagine them as real people waiting for me to tell their story. These are kind, good people (yes, even the antagonist) and they deserve all the good stuff in this crazy world. By giving them good stuff that means I need to bust my ass every day. I need to painfully create an outline so I don’t screw it up. I have to plan accordingly, get to know them and figure out the internal side of their lives. Sometimes I’ll hear that old familiar voice callling – Get it down already! – but that’s the old me. The seat of your pants me. Not anymore. These characters deserve a lot more. I need to give them my best and not fail them. In other words – Bust my ass.

    Good article. Thank you for posting this.

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