September is here and that means I need to take a look at my writing goals and make new ones!

August went by way too fast! Honestly, where does the time go? I realize this is 5 days late, but my best friend of 16 years got married over the weekend and, as her maid of honor, I was busy as fuuuuuck!

But I’m back to work and ready to make some new writing goals for September!

Firstly, if you didn’t see last month’s goal, check them out. I’ll touch on them here and then go over some new ones I have for September.


Here’s a brief rundown of last month’s writing goals:

(✓)  Goal #1 – Finish world building for each of my lands.

(✓) Goal #2 – Finish my characters’ backstories.

(✓) Goal #3 – Roughly outline each MC’s plotlines so they match up

(X) Goal #4 – Very vaguely outline each chapter/which POV it will be

Did I accomplish all of them?

Well, no. BUT I did get most of them done. The last goal of going through my rough outline didn’t get completed because, well, plotting a book and getting it outlined is hard, especially when you’ve got 5 POVs to deal with.

But anywho, another month means another set of goals. So here are September’s writing goals:

Goal #1 – Finish the rough outline

This will DEFINITELY get done this month. I’m a little more than halfway done with this. Basically, it’s still pretty rough and I’ll go back and smooth over some details and change what needs to be changed, but it won’t take the whole month to get this done. If anything, it’ll take longer to finalize each chapter and each storyline and make sure any plot issues are covered.

Goal #2 – Type up and finalize the outline

So after I finish my rough outline, I’ll make the final one. And that means typing everything up in more detail and in my outline format. This also means making adjustments and reading through it to make sure the story is what I want it to be. After this is done, I’ll print it out, read it through again, make notes, and, depending on those notes, either make changes or move on to the next goal.

Goal #3 – Chart the entire story’s ebb and flow of emotions

This isn’t something I did when outlining Of Defender Descent, however, I think it would help me personally. I haven’t seen other writers do this but since I feel that I struggle with the middle section of the book most, it might be beneficial for me to actually make a chart. Like a real chart – something I haven’t done since high school!

I plan to make a point for each chapter and then map the emotions/goal feelings I want readers to feel in those chapters. Hopefully, the result of this will be that “roller coaster” effect. If it’s not or I find there are sections that have too much of the same thing, I’ll head back to my outline and see which chapters I can change and in what way they would need to be adjusted. Because something I really admire in books is that ebb and flow of emotions – giving people warm fuzzy feels and then ripping them away with blood and terror. 


And that’s it! My September goals are all of the above. My main goal is to start writing this book by October first. If I can get this rough outline done ASAP (maybe within the next week even), I think this goal is reachable!


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  1. The hardest part is the preparation. I too want to dive in but past mistakes remind me to slow down and plan. Happy to see I’m not the only one.

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