I don’t see the point in doing anything if you’re going to half-ass it. And when it comes to my future career and passion, I need to do it right.

I’m not perfect. I’ll be the first to admit it. I mess up and a lot of the time I need to stop myself, go back, and fix a lot of my issues. But that doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong.

If anything, it’s just more proof that if I’m going to do something, I make sure I do it right.

And writing my book is no exception. Unfortunately, after months of reflecting and sluggishly writing only a single chapter in that time, I decided that I was no longer happy with my story. Actually, I’m plenty happy with my story but I’m pretty upset about my overall execution of the storyline.

This can be for a lot of reasons. But mostly, I think that over the past 9-ish months of planning and writing this novel, I’ve learned SO MUCH. And mostly, I’ve learned what type of writer I want to be. I’ve learned what kind of books I want to write and what stories I want to tell. Since Of Defender Descent was my very first stab at actually writing a book, I didn’t really know what I wanted to write.

I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a writer in general and this has helped me shape my ideas. Sure, I’ll continue to grow and these ideas may change more but I feel really, really certain about the types of books I want to write and the stories I want to tell – something I didn’t feel at all when I began planning my first book.

So here’s the book news section of this whole thing:

I’m hitting pause on writing Of Defender Descent. Not stopping completely, I’m pausing it until I can go back and rework it the way I want the story told. This entire story is very special to me and I don’t want to move forward unless I’m 100% happy with the way it’ll be told.

Faye’s (the MC) journey is very special in general and I want to make sure I’m more satisfied with the way it’s told before I write the book. And that actually means I’ll be doing a rewrite of the whole thing. Thankfully, I was only about a third of the way completed with the book before making this decision. But that means I’ll be back at the drawing board in order to refine the story so it can be told the way it needs to be.

Which brings me to my next point: If you’re going to do something, do it right.

When I told a few people I was hitting pause on this book, one person responded with, “So? Why don’t you just get the thing done?” While this didn’t surprise me, it did get me thinking.

There are a lot of people out there who just care about being an “author.” They just want the title because it sounds cool. However, they don’t really give two shits about the book they write. Therefore, they slap together a piece of garbage in the shape of a book just so they can say they’re an “author.”

I’ve got news for them:

It’s not cool to say you’re an author if your book doesn’t reflect your hard work and passion. Because that shit is easy to see on the pages. Personally, I don’t care about the title. If I never got to call myself an author, I’d still want to write my books. I care about telling the story and I care about telling it right.

Because what’s the point of putting in all that work if it’s not something you’re proud of?

Why spend the hours working on something you know you don’t like? Sure, it’ll take time to go back and fix, but isn’t a final product you can be proud of more important than just “getting the thing done?”

I think so.

That’s why I’m redoing my outline, reworking the structure of Of Defender Descent’s world, and securing a storyline I truly love before I write the book. The idea behind this story will remain the same but the execution will be worlds different.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to move forward with an idea I have a lot more confidence in and am almost to the outlining stages of. While I write this new book, I’ll constantly be thinking about ways I can improve Of Defender Descent and how I can make it a story I’m proud to tell (and I’ve already got a lot of ideas for it!).


So just remember, it’s better to put in more work in order to do something right than it is to just half-ass it in order to get it done. Why spend any time doing something you won’t be proud of when you can bust your ass and accomplish something you want to show the entire world? If you’re doing to do something, do it right.


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