It’s been a while since I’ve done a goals update but I think it’s about time I start getting accountable again!

Since my decision to halt progress on Of Defender Descent and continue with another, more developed WIP, I haven’t been as accountable as I should be. Meaning yes, I have been working on this new idea but not quite as hard as I should be. Bad Bella, bad.

I need to start laying out a timeline so I can actually start writing the damn thing.

Which means I need to make some monthly goals.

I’m someone who needs a little kick in the ass to get shit done. Otherwise weeks would go by and I would only have progressed a little bit. That’s partly because time goes by way too fast nowadays and also because I get a ton of satisfaction out of crossing things off my lists. And if it’s not on my list, it’s hard to do it.

And I really need to start putting some writing goals on those lists.

So, without further ado, here are some of my August writing goals that I MUST GET DONE.

Because otherwise I’ll be a failure.

And I quite like not being a failure.

Goal #1 – Finish world building for each of my lands.

For those of you who don’t know (which is all of you because I haven’t talked much about my new WIP), my book takes place over 6 different lands. These would basically be the equivalents of countries or kingdoms or whatever.

For each place, I’m mapping out the details, a little bit of the history, the culture, the customs, what type of body modification people do, the leadership structure, the class structure, and all sorts of shit that’ll affect the people from that specific area. It just takes a while to complete.

But I’m not upset about this because I love world building. Wooooo!

Goal #2 – Finish my characters’ backstories.

This is pretty much done. I know what’s happened in each person’s life. Since I have 5 protagonists (yes, this will be a split perspective book), each of their lives previous to the beginning of my story affects who they are and how they behave.

Their motives are even derived from some of their pasts. All I have to do for this is write them down, since I already know what happens – it’s all in my head. Fine tuning some details will also help, but this should be an easy one.

Goal #3 – Roughly outline each MC’s plotlines so they match up

This is kind of difficult because it involves a bit of research. I need to look up a lot of travel stats with horses. Since this book takes place in a completely different universe in a world without electricity and all that good stuff, horse is the main form of transportation and they’re not actually easy to come by.

Which means I’ll also have to figure out how long it takes to travel on foot, etc. I know what the plot requires, but it’s lining up all the events so they make sense together that I need to do.

Goal #4 – Very vaguely outline each chapter/which POV it will be

Before I start my real outline, I need to write it out in a very simplified format. This is how I always outline and what works for me. I do little bullet points of events and then split them up into chapters.

This is made a little different because the events depend on which person’s POV I’m writing from. However, after this is done I get to start outlining, AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!!

I think that’s all I can really complete for August because I will be on a backpacking trip for a week before September.

But I have already been working on this idea for quite a while so it’s ALMOST READY TO OUTLINE. Then I can write. I can’t wait to write.

Things I’ve already accomplished for this WIP:

  • Creating character profiles
  • Roughly outlining the main plots of the second, third, and fourth books
  • Naming each of the Lands and their major settlements/places of interest
  • Roughly outlining each MC’s main plot issues
  • Creating “symbols” for each of the Lands
  • Creating a map (I just drew this and it’s not all that wonderful lol)


Wahoo! These are my August writing goals. I’m fairly positive I can knock some of these out. They’re not all that simple but definitely necessary and stuff that will just take a bit of time and research.

Off to start on #1 right now!

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