Well hello there!

I’m Bella. Freelance writer by day, fantasy writer by night, and lover of cheese, dogs, pizza, wine, pizza, and dogs! Oh, and writing 😉

As you may have guessed, I’m a writer! In fact, in addition to fiction writing, I’m also a freelance writer – oh! And blogger, because apparently I just can’t get enough of words.

Which is completely true. I love words and I love bringing things to life with black on white.

It’s weird, really. I think the reason I ended up getting into writing is because, oddly enough, I’ve always wanted to be great at art – drawing, painting, all that good stuff.

But…uh…I’m just not gifted in that aspect of creativity. Nothing in my head ever turns out how I want it to on paper.

But with writing…it does. I’m able to create images and emotions that are exactly what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s my own form of painting but instead of paints, I have a keyboard. And instead of canvas, I have paper…or a word doc.

Basically, and I’ll keep it simple, I just love to write and I want to become an author full time.

But of course, I have a lot to learn in order to get there and I want to share that stuff with you.

Because writers can always be learning more. That’s probably the best thing about writing, and really any creative skill. You can always improve, learn more, and implement changes that are happening in the industry.

Here’s a place where I talk about my own writing, tips I have from what I’ve learned, and even motivational stuff that can help along the way.

And that’s me.

Now go write.